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Annie started her photography career four years ago, focusing on creative portraits early on. Four years later she has expanded her portrait clientele and learned the opportunity that filmography provides in capturing someone's life. In Annie's eyes, filmography and photography is a tool to tell stories; she wants to dive into the truth and bring individual's successes, failures, and journey to life. Annie has a passion for the visual art of story-telling and documenting truth. Annie provides her clients more than professional ...

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portraits, she surfaces the obstacles and triumphs, and your success in building yourself. Whether you are founding a business, reached a fitness goal, want to express your self-love, or reached mile 20 on the trail, Annie will capture the beauty in you and your story! Of course, she has a story of her own and she would love to share it with you! Click the link below to learn more about Annie and her path to professional photography & filmography.


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You've decided it's time to document a pivotal point in your life journey; you've come to the right place! When you book with Annie, you will ... okay now describe the process some. Keep it professional but also keep the vibe of capturing their story. You want to give them a brief overview of the process they will go through and what they will receive, but make it artistic. This isn't a step by step but something that will make the reader want to learn the details of the process and book you. Try not to repeat what I wrote in the book (unless you want to delete what I wrote which is totally fine, I just had fun with it). If you need help with this, the package includes copy-editing so just let me know! It's totally optional, but just give me some substance to work with and I'll go from there.

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When I met with Annie, I told her that the shot I wanted most was Chris’ face the moment he saw me for the first time. And the shot Chris wanted most was our final dance when everyone was getting ready for our send off. And boy did she deliver! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Annie. Not only was she a blast to work with, but she produced the most beautiful pictures that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Chris asked me what I thought the highlights of our wedding were and Annie for sure made the list. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, I cannot recommend her enough! Annie, thank you for being a part of one of the best days of our lives!"

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